• Are you wanting to increase your energy?

  • Would you like to align to feel more at ease and confident?

  • Are you ready to turn on your magic?

  • Would you like to feel more rejuvinated?

  • Would you like to feel more supported in your life?

Raise Your Vibration is a six week meditation program working with high vibrational colours and the invisible realm. We will be working with the colours indigo, violet, gold, white, silver and the rainbow.

Week 1: This meditation is using the colour indigo. Indigo is related to the third eye and governs our intuition. Indigo is also a very calming colour and releases fears.

In this meditation we also call in the magician Merlin who is associated with the third eye and works on the indigo ray. Merlin is said to have been King Arthur's magician and guide in Avalon. Merlin energy is very powerful now as he helps us to connect with the magic within us, increase our intuition and magical powers. In this meditation the colour indigo and Merlin assist us in developing our intuition and activating our third eye.

Week 2: This meditation is using the colour violet. Violet is related to the crown chakra and is a very spiritual colour.Violet raises the vibration of every cell in the body and encourages us to reach our highest ideals. Violet transmutes any negative energy.

In this meditation we also call in Saint Germain who is the keeper of the violet flame. Saint Germain is not a Catholic saint, but a count from the French region of Saint Germain. He was reknowned for his magical abilities making fountain of youth elixirs for his friends. Saint Germain has had many incarnations, including Merlin the magician, Christopher Columbus and Joseph of Nazereth who was Jesus's father. Saint Germain has collected many gifts and magic from his various lifetimes. He works to raise the frequency of humanity.In this meditation the colour violet and Saint Germain will assist us in raising our vibration and purifying our energy. 

Week 3: This meditation is using the colour gold. Gold is the colour with the highest vibration. Gold is associated with alchemy, wealth, knowledge and protection.

In this meditation we also call in Ascended Master Jesus. During his lifetime Jesus taught about unconditional love. He had great powers allowing him to heal and walk on water. He is the most well known and beloved of all the Illuminated Masters. Now he is a bringer of Cosmic Love, spreading the Christ Consciousness throughout the world and planting the seeds of love in the hearts of all. Gold is the associated with Christ Consciousness. This meditation works with the colour gold and Jesus to open your heart to Christ Consciousness and love. 

Week 4: This meditation is using the colour white which is very purifying. White can enter into every corner of our energy to clear, purify and wash away any sadness. White is a safe colour to wait until we are ready to move forward again. White contains all the colours of the rainbow and therefore contains every possibility.

In this meditation we also call in your unicorn. Everyone has their own unicorn that wants to work with them. We will connect with your unicorn in this meditation. Unicorns are the purest of elementals that will help to develop the qualties of peace, love, purity, calm, hope, magic and majesty within you. They are the purest of white tenth dimensional horses who have come back to the planet to help with our ascension. Unicorns grant soul wishes, those wishes that help you fulfill soul contracts. This meditation introduces you to your unicorn and purifies your energy.

Week 5: This meditation is using the colour silver. This is the colour associated with the moon, feminine energy, illumination and balance.

In this meditation we also call on Faery Queen Oonagh. Oonagh is an Irish Faery Queen who helps with divine magic, all aspects of love relationships, beauty, aesthetics, exercise, dance, movement and contacting faeries. Oonagh is often depicted wearing a beautiful shimmering sliver gown and with long golden hair to the floor. Queen Oonagh is here to help us with transformation. Oonagh will assist you with any area of your life that you wish to transform, as if by magic.

Week 6: This meditation is using the rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, clarity unity and a bridge between the earth and the sky. It is beneficial to have every colour of the rainbow in our energy so that we are fully prepared for whatever life presents us with. Rainbows are also incredibly healing as they top up our colour levels creating a sense of balance and wellbeing.

In this meditation we also call in Archangel Raziel whose name means 'secrets of God'. Archangel Raziel is like the wizard and alchemist of the Archangels as he holds the keys to unlocking many of the secrets and mysteries of the universe. Raziel can help you to uncover new spiritual insights, develop your psychic abilities and tune into divine magic and manifestation. Archangel Raziel is associated with rainbow colours rather than a single colour. In this meditation the rainbow colours and Archangel Raziel will assist you in unlocking the wisdom stored in your chakras.

Are you ready to transform your life with the power of colour!

Tuning into the power of colour I have created this meditation course for you...

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This is a 6 week online program delivered via email that can be taken anywhere in the world. All you need is an open mind and a desire to claim your magic.

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  • Witness the magic all around you.

  • Become more aware of the divine support all around you.

Lets take a look inside this program

You will receive six meditations (Meditations are between 15 and 21 minutes in length) Also six worksheets giving information about each colour and magical being. There will also be a suggested exercise for the week.

  • Week 1 Meditation - Indigo and Merlin

  • Week 2 Meditation - Violet and Saint Germain

  • Week 3 Meditation - Gold and Ascended Master Jesus

  • Week 4 Meditation - White and your Unicorn

  • Week 5 Meditation - Silver and Faery Queen Oonagh

  • Week 6 meditation - Rainbow and Archangel Raziel

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Debbie Brinkley

Raise Your Vibration Review

Debbie Brinkley

I have just finished this course. Wasn't too sure when I started, but it was truly amazing. Róisín's calming voice transcends you into the invisible realm filling you with light and colour and magic. After the indigo and Merlin healing, my entire body was literally tingling; the white unicorn meditation left me smiling with an inner peace and tranquility; the gold and Jesus was very powerful and I felt as if my whole body inside out was smiling with pure happiness and love. All of them were fab. I would 100% recommend doing this series and thank you so much Róisín for definitely raising my intuition and letting the much needed magic in!
Deidre O'Donnell

Rasie Your Vibration Review

Deidre O'Donnell

I bought two of Roisin meditation programs ages ago. I went back to them today and was blown away by how deep and powerful they are. Highly recommend Roisin courses and work 💕