• Do you want to raise your levels of ambition?

  • Would you like more clarity around your way forward ?

  • Are you wanting to fulfil your soul mission?

  • Do you want to rise in your area of expertise?

  • Would you like more motivation?

Are you ready to discover the healing power of colour? It doesn’t matter what your life looks like now, colour has the power to uplift you and bring you to where you want to be.

Soar with Seraphina is a six day program with Seraphina of the Seraphim and the energy of high vibrational jewels. The Seraphim are the highest ranking angels of which Seraphina is one of. Seraphina works closely with crystal children and also adults who have aligned to this crystalline energy. Seraphina work closely with Metatron to raise the consciousness of the planet. In this program Seraphina harnesses the power of precious jewels to assist you with raising your levels of abundance and prosperity. 

Each day on the program has a jewel meditation and also a colour healing video or exercise associated with issues that the jewel, colour or Seraphina may bring to the forefront for healing. This program was created as I experienced the message of each jewel and the healing affects. This program is also connected with your dream state as that is when you are most receptive to Seraphina and many of you are already attending her school of ascension while asleep. I would suggest you keep a dream journal for the duration of the program and many of the topics I cover in the colour videos were shown to me in my dreams while making the program.

  • Day 1 is with the red ruby. The message of the ruby is that you only deserve the best.

  • Day 2 is with yellow/gold topaz. The message of topaz is that you are enough.

  • Day 3 is with the green emerald. The message of the emerald is that you deserve a balanced life.

  • Day 4 is with blue sapphire. The message of the sapphire is to make a wish.

  • Day 5 is with indigo/violet tanzanite. The message of tanzanite is that paradise is here on earth.

  • Day 6 is with the clear, rainbow filled diamond. The message of the diamond is one of clarity.

  • With this program expect your energy to be clearer and what you want to flow to you quicker. It is a beautiful jewel filled journey with Seraphina.

Are you ready to transform your life with the power of colour!

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Your journey with colour can begin right now, today!

This is a 6 day online course that can be taken anywhere in the world. All you need is an open mind and a desire to align to your highest potential.

  • Reignite the spark of ambition within you.

  • See your way forward clearer.

  • Fulfil your particular soul mission.

  • Rise and soar in your work.

  • Feel motivated and inspired.

Lets take a look inside this course:

You will receive: 6 x Meditations. One per day/lesson. (All meditations are between 8 and 9 minutes) 6 x either a colour healing video, colour exercise or an additional meditation accompanying each crystal. These will also clear blocks to increased abundance.

  • Meditation 1 - The Red Ruby and Seraphina of the Seraphim

  • Meditation 2 - Yellow/Gold Topaz and Seraphina of the Seraphim

  • Meditation 3 - Green Emerald and Seraphina of the Seraphim

  • Meditation 4 - Blue Sapphire and Serpahina of the Seraphim

  • Meditation 5 - Indigo/Violet Tanzinite and Seraphina of the Seraphim

  • Meditation 6 - Clear and Rainbow filled Diamond and Seraphina of the Seraphim

Debbie Brinkley

Soar with Seraphina Review

Debbie Brinkley

Just completed this program.Beautiful. Emotional. Strong. Powerful. Exhausting. Rewarding.