• Are you wanting to increase your magic?

  • Would you like to activate current and past life gifts?

  • Do you require more knowledge in an area of your life?

This course is made up of exercises and meditations I was given while working with Merlin over the period of a month. The results may vary though this time spent with Merlin brought me closer to practical ways of enhancing my spiritual business, has connected me with past life gifts and increased my connection with my guides. Others have remembered past lives as witches and herbalists and are now going to re-learn these gifts in this incarnation. It seems Merlin awakens the magic within and wants his magical family to remember.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Thrive with Merlin

    • Merlin and I welcome you!
    • Golden Waters of Avalon
    • Vibrant Green Healing Light
    • Symbol from Merlin
    • Expand your mind
    • Black Paddle Healing
    • Your Hidden Gifts
    • Dragon Meditation
    • Letting go with dark green
    • Meditation with Nimue
    • Making Potions
    • Meditation with the Owl

Are you ready to transform your life with colour?

Tuning into the power of colour and the magic of Merlin I have created this course for you.

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Your journey with colour can begin right now, today!

This is an online program that can be taken anywhere in the world. All you need is an open mind and a desire for real change. Working with me will align you to your highest potential.

  • Remember your magic

  • Activate past life gifts

  • Gain more wisdom

Cathy Bret

Thrive with Merlin

Cathy Bret

...this week out of nowhere I got this wierd longing to start looking at Jin Shin Jyutsu and now I'm obsessed with it and can't get enough learning on it...Roisin my head is melted with ideas since Merlin arrived!
Bridget Fennessy

Thrive with Merlin

Bridget Fennessy

I came home and did the Merlin meditation where I could see myself picking herbs...so I've a fab idea for my garden going forward and looking into a course in herbal medicine.